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Comprehensive LPG gas service

With Budget Gas, you can be certain that you’ re receiving a quality LPG gas product and knowledgeable service from an expert team. With over 40 years providing energy supply to the people of Wales, the Midlands and Shropshire, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and competitive prices. LPG gas is a revolutionary way to supply energy to your home, and Budget Gas makes switching to LPG an easy and stress free process.  

How LPG gas works

LPG gas comes in two main forms – propane gas and butane gas. It may be liquefied for easy storage and transportation, and because of its high rate of expansion during its liquid phase, it is stored in pressure tanks that are considered full when filled around 85% with water. The remaining space is occupied by rising gas, or vapour. This LPG gas is what is used as a gas supply; when it is drawn from the tank, the pressure inside drops and the liquid boils to produce more vapour. Other outside factors can help maintain this liquid boiling, such as the surface area of the tank and the temperature outside. 
gas station machine
Gas station machine

Cost effective and energy efficient

There are numerous advantages to using LPG gas in your home in Telford and the surrounding areas such as Midlands and Shropshire. One of these is that it is portable, able to be transported worldwide without deterioration. There are enough reserves to last decades, making it an accessible choice, and it is also up to five times more efficient than traditional fuels. This results in less energy wastage, and saves you money as well. Non-toxic and with lower greenhouse gas emissions than any other fossil fuel, LPG gas is a better use of our planet’ s resources.

Sourcing gas for your home

LPG gas is sourced primarily from other energy industries; natural gas processing and crude oil refining. Natural gas is a mixture and as it is being drawn from the earth, it is separated into its main components, of which LPG is one of them. LPG makes up around 1-3% of all unprocessed gas streams, and gas processing produces 60% of the world’ s LPG gas. In crude oil refining, LPG gas is one of the first products made as the oil is produced into fuels such as jet fuel and gasoline. It accounts for approximately 3% of a barrel of crude oil, and crude oil refining produces 40% of the world’ s LPG. 
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