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Professional LPG autogas

Our expertise in the energy supply industry has brought us countless happy clients in the thirty years that Budget Gas has been in business. Our LPG options, including gas for your home, your business, and even autogas for your car, have made us one of the most versatile and comprehensive service providers in the Midlands and Shropshire.
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Perfect for private or commercial use

No job is too big or small for Budget Gas, and we provide autogas to both private motorists for their personal cars or trucks and to businesses of all sizes that operate fleets of vehicles. LPG autogas is an environmentally alternative to traditional fuels, and comes in at around half the cost; it’s good for the planet and your wallet! You can call in to have your vehicle tank filled, or have a bulk tank installed onto your property that is topped up by regular deliveries. Whichever way you choose to fill your vehicle, you will receive our attentive and experienced service. 
To learn more about how autogas can help you make the most of your vehicle, call 01952 583 908
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