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Your local smart answer to commercial gas requirements 

With competitive prices, an expert service, and a quality product, Budget Gas can fill all your business gas needs. LPG gas is a great choice for businesses as it is an efficient fuel source, removes the risk of expensive and environmentally damaging oil leaks, and is extremely hard to steal, preventing vandalism and theft in your business. For a first class service in Telford, choose Budget Gas.

Buying commercial LPG gas

We make it easy to purchase commercial gas in bulk. With a bulk storage tank efficiently installed on your property and regular top-up services by trained staff, you need never worry about running out of gas again
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Fork lift truck

Fork lift truck gas 

If your business uses fork lift trucks, then LPG gas is the ideal fuel to power it. Just one of the many uses of commercial gas, fork lift truck gas is cost effective and easy to refill.

Commercial heating solutions 

When mains gas is not available or is impractical to use, our commercial gas service can fulfil your heating needs. It is an affordable way to power boilers, space heaters, and cooking equipment for your business. As well as the economic benefits for you and your business, using LPG as your business gas is also more environmentally than using other fossil fuels, as it reduces both CO2 and carbon emissions. In addition, LPG is now the only viable fuel choice for space and water heating in buildings after natural gas to meet Part L of The Building Regulations. For a first class service in Telford, choose Budget Gas.
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