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LPG Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders are a portable and convenient way to supply gas to your home. Budget Gas provides both butane gas and propane gas LPG cylinders in a variety of sizes for a range of uses. Our regular delivery schedule means we can match your consumption rate and replace your cylinders as you use them, and switching old for new takes only a few minutes. Our customers in Midlands and Shropshire know they can trust Budget Gas to bring a quality LPG cylinder product at low prices.
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Advice on propane gas cylinder sitting 

Although propane gas is an easy and efficient way to supply gas power to your home there are some guidelines that should be followed in order to store your cylinders correctly and safely.
  • Propane gas cylinders must not be stored or used indoors.
  • Full and empty LPG propane cylinders should be stored outside with open ventilation.
  • Propane gas cylinders should be kept over 1m horizontally and over 300mm vertically from any fixed sourced of ignition, opening windows, excessive heat sources, electrical equipment without protection and flammable or ignitable materials.
  • Propane gas cylinders should also be kept over 2m away from untrapped drains, unsealed gullies, or cellar openings as escaped gas can collect in any sunken area, and should also be kept over 3m from corrosive, oxidising or toxic materials.
  • A weather-protective hood may be used if it is made from non-combustible materials and does not impair access to valves.
Butane gas cylinders also have restrictions on installation, and should not be stored in any basement, cellar or sunken area, in traditionally constructed flats or apartments above 5 storeys tall, or where they may prevent a safe emergency exit.

LPG cylinder multi pack systems 

If you use large amounts of propane gas, but have restrictions on space or access that make a bulk tank installation impractical, Budget Gas offers an alternative in the form of LPG cylinder multi pack systems. With two units, “reserve” and “service” this system uses the cylinders in the “service” supply until they run low, when it seamlessly switches to the ones kept in “reserve”, meaning you don’ t have to change the cylinder as frequently. This convenient and affordable way to power your home is a great option for our customers in Telford, Wales, the Midlands and Shropshire.
LPG cylinder multi pack system
To find out why you should switch to LPG gas cylinders, call 01952 583 908 
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