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Smart and convenient LPG tanks 

We at Budget Gas pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a variety of options that will suit their needs. If your home in Telford and the surrounding areas, including the Midlands and Shropshire, uses a lot of gas and you have space for a tank, we may recommend using an LPG tank instead of cylinders. We make supplying gas to your home easy and efficient with our great value, helpful staff, and speedy deliveries.

Storing your gas in an LPG gas tank 

Gas tanks are made to store the fuel in its liquid state and the gas fills the space above the liquid. Our LPG tanks are equipped with two-stage pressure reduction systems to ensure that the gas supply to your home stays at a constant pressure. It’ s important to remember that if you’ re leaving your home unattended for a length of time such as a holiday, you should turn off your gas appliances, domestic utilities and emergency control instead of the gas tank service valve.
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Fast delivery and easy payment 

There are two delivery methods available to supply gas to your LPG tank. One is scheduled top ups, which places you on an 8-12 week delivery circuit, meaning you have the peace of mind knowing you will always have gas. We also offer the option to make your own appointment, calling us when you run low and receiving a delivery within five working days. Our payment plans are simple. We estimate your yearly usage, split the amount into 12 monthly payments which we then either debit it out of your account via direct debit or invoice you for payment within 28 days. Our standing charge includes LPG tank maintenance, insurance, and a 24 hour call out service, meaning we are always there when you need us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff in Telford will discuss your payment options in full when you sign up for a LPG gas tank. 

Tank installation in Midlands and Shropshire

Installing your LPG gas tank is an easy and stress free process, and Budget Gas carries out periodic inspections and maintenance as necessary. There are a few things we recommend you do to ensure the safety and good working condition of your LPG tank. Making sure that you do not padlock it with your own lock or paint over it allows us to make our inspections, and being aware that the tank does not get struck by cars or surrounded by flammable material such as grass or wood is also important. Never try and modify or repair pipework yourself – if you think there is an issue with your tank installation, call our 24 hour service line and a trained and experienced member of staff will be at your home in Midlands or Shropshire shortly.
LPG gas Tank installation
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Underground tank installation

LPG tanks are sometimes installed underground for aesthetic reasons or to reduce the distance needed to separate gas tanks. If your area is not at risk of flooding and there are no services such as gas, water, drains, sewers, or electricity cables passing through the proposed area, you may be eligible for underground installation. Our skilled team will ensure that your property is respected and cared for throughout the process, and there are no additional issues caused by your tank being underground during refilling or maintenance.
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